Arriving at Three Sisters Eco Farm in Coolatai, NSW – The Magic Bus parked next to the Chicken-LaLaLa Coop and settled in for a few days. Waking up on our first morning, susie couldnt help but notice the mailbox looking rather glum. A Recycled Milk Pale, turned upwards and embedded next to 3 Sistas Noticeboard and Activist Tree. Years of weathering and whoooshing from the wind has mis-coloured its shinyface and Susie couldnt help herself but to get out the paintbrushes and paint on a brand new smile!

To add to the magical little land the magic bus loves – was a shell hanging made from beach shells and fishing wire. Ohhhh and we got some washing done as well.

Eventually Susie added her last seashell, her last LA-LA, her last DOT and posed for a picture.

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