Kangaroo Valley

Many people came to see the Magic Bus and speak with Susan about the new childrens book, before the trip to Kangaroo Valley. The drive over the mountain range and down into the valley was truly beautiful. Especially when the sun came shining through the rain clouds to brighten the tree tops.

Canoeists paddled in to greet the Bus and even a local wombat awoke from a deep sleep in his home at the riverbank to come and say hello. It was a happy time for us all especially when our new friends Oliver and Manuela arrived to join in the fun. They have travelled from Germany to explore this lucky country and were attracted to the messages of love shining out from the Magic Bus.

One thought on “Kangaroo Valley

  1. Sounds like the magic bus is getting to visit and explore a lot of wonderful places. Can’t wait to tune in to the next adventure!

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