6th of March and the Magic Bus has arrived in Kiama. Just in time for the 2014 Kiama Jazz and Blues music festival. The city is humming with anticipation of the weekends free entertainment as musicians from all over settle in.

Susans new childrens book has been warmly welcomed by all and how fortunate to meet Ben Martin and to view first hand the new range of unique decal designs that he and his family have only just released.”TOMETS” will allow you to express yourself in many ways including sports, interests, styles and ways of life. Thanks to Ben the Magic Bus is now expressing open mindedness, peace, balance and love. Many folks will meet Ben at the Royal Easter Show or view the site at

Seagulls lined up patiently to watch from the roof of the marina seafood restaurant  as a Navy chopper flew in to preview Susans book, Journey on the Magic Bus/Happy Hearts . Even a large pelican, hungry after reading the book, settled in to wait for the fresh seafood shop to open.

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