Kiama Jazz and Blues Festival

It was always going to be a beautiful weekend when Sandra called by from Kiama Downs to soak up the love from the Magic Bus and discuss Susans new childrens book, Journey on the Magic Bus / Happy Hearts. Making good impressions comes easily to the Magic Bus and throughout the festival the “Bus” and the “Book” with their messages of love and joy for all were greeted warmly by those who came to see.

As expected the weekend provided a feast of local and interstate acts pleasing the crowds with a variety of special performances. Kiama Primary and High Schools showcased the wonderful development of young musicians from the region and the professional acts followed through.” Hot Potato”  filled the mainsteet with sunshine and love as they cruised the CBD. Many entertainers continued to develop the warm Peace, Love and Happiness feel to the festival such as : Fiona Boyle and Dorothy Jane Gosper, Triple Karma, Pearlnoire Band and the unforgettable Steve Edmonds Band who channelled Jimmi Hendricks into Hindmarsh Park reminiscent of another festival from days gone by at a farm in Woodstock U.S.A.

Absolutely fabulous!! Be sure to be there for 2015.

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