The Handsome Prince

My handsome prince, my very first son, I’m so honoured you chose me to be your mum. You started life in the bush on a farm, you loved fires, the outdoors, the moon and the stars. You we’re blessed if Christopher Rhodes touched you in this life, full of fun, love and compassion with a splash of spice. You were the life of the party and always shone so bright, a heart so big always beaming out a happy beautiful light. You were naturally creative, unique, such a talented young man, you loved music, the lights and the never ending dance. All the kids loved it when uncle Chris was around, he took the time to play with them always the clown. I’ve never known anyone to have so many true friends, your eternal Chris,SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES your love and contagious smile will never end. We are blessed to have known you for your short time on earth, your love of life grew ever since your birth. When I think of Chris I just picture his huge smile, a beautiful memory for a mother to have of her child. So soar like an eagle to the spirit above and know forever you will bathe in all of our love.

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