I Wonder

I Wonder

Who said that it was ok

to poison the water we drink each day,

I Wonder

Which of us did choose

to spray chemicals all over our foods,

I Wonder

Whom of all the boys and girls

would want to destroy the wonders of this world,

I Wonder

Why we are led to go against the flow

when it’s obvious renewable is the way to go,

I Wonder

Why science feeds us lies all the time

when natural medicine can keep us just fine,

I Wonder

When the animals who can’t speak

through greed are becoming extinct each week,

I Wonder

Who of the people proposed today

control of what we can and can’t say,

I Wonder

What mother earth would say to us

in  light of how she’s been treated, unjust

Wonder I do.

I know that all the colourful, loving,  creative souls

are raising a generation who will treat mother earth as gold,

and the planet will return to it’s natural state

that’s what the new generation will create

‘We can Do it’

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