About Us

authorwidjetSusan Burrows was born in Sydney in 1962. Susan has alwas been able to easily express herself through writing poetry. She has a gift in seeing beauty in all things and has always had a magical connection with children. Her greatest joy in life was raising beautiful kind and loving children. Susan and her partner Warren travel Australia in the Magic Bus Spreading love peace and joy to each town they travel through.

6 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hi Judy, Thankyou at first we just wanted to send out messages of love and peace and it gives us joy to see so many folks smiling when we drive into towns. Then I wrote a children’s book called Happy Hearts and used the paintings

    • Hi Judy, Thankyou so much, it fills us with joy when we see so many smiling faces when we pull into towns, it all started with us wanting to send messages of love and joy to all, check out the website as a writer I have written my first children’s book called Happy Hearts, it will fill you with joy, all the pictures are from what I painted on the Magic Bus. Thankyou again and have a beautiful day. Susan

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