Let the children take in the beauty of our gardens, the trees the birds the butterflies and flowers. Natural beauty without artificial energy, Filling their souls with love, surely the best remedy. To feel the sun and the winds gentle … Continue reading

Loving kindness

We are so grateful for our family of uplifters

All the beings full of love are forever gifted

We love spending time with each one of them

They are the bright stars, our true friends

And always meeting new ones as we travel on our way

It’s magical never knowing whom we will meet each day

And why would you choose to be anywhere else

When we can feel delicious in each other’s loving wealth

Always be kind and loving toward others

For we never know the past pain of our sisters and brothers

Mind matters most, we know this to be true

So befriend all uplifters is all we need do

Their love and kindness shines so bright 

Together we can all dance in the light

It’s our birthright to feel joy within

So spread the love worldwide, that’s where we begin.

I Wonder

I Wonder

Who said that it was ok

to poison the water we drink each day,

I Wonder

Which of us did choose

to spray chemicals all over our foods,

I Wonder

Whom of all the boys and girls

would want to destroy the wonders of this world,

I Wonder

Why we are led to go against the flow

when it’s obvious renewable is the way to go,

I Wonder

Why science feeds us lies all the time

when natural medicine can keep us just fine,

I Wonder

When the animals who can’t speak

through greed are becoming extinct each week,

I Wonder

Who of the people proposed today

control of what we can and can’t say,

I Wonder

What mother earth would say to us

in  light of how she’s been treated, unjust

Wonder I do.

I know that all the colourful, loving,  creative souls

are raising a generation who will treat mother earth as gold,

and the planet will return to it’s natural state

that’s what the new generation will create

‘We can Do it’

Love Peace and Goodwill

Here we are once again at this special time of year when we send love peace and goodwill to all. It’s also the time when we reflect on the past 12 months achievements at a personal, national and international level

The magic bus reminds us that we become what we think about. That manifestation begins with thought. Reflecting on what we have created as a global collective this year, it could well be time that we re-align our thinking caps for 2016.

The world appears to be ready for a huge dose of love, peace and goodwill. The Magic Bus is sending loving kindness globally. May your thoughts be filled with compassion for all and the creation of an ongoing world peace.



Seasons greetings

The Journey on the Magic Bus began with the intention of creating joy and happiness in the hearts of children and to show them how to continue this harmony throughout their lives and the lives of many others they should meet along the way, with the wisdom of knowing that our thoughts create our realities.

Adults and children everywhere have expressed their great delight in seeing the Magic Bus come to their towns displaying the messages of World Peace, Love and Compassion for all and placing their orders online for this most innovative children’s book.

The first book of the series, “Journey on the Magic Bus”, “Happy Hearts”, has been a hit with kids and their parents and has travelled internationally. The second book in the series should reach the publisher some time in 2016 with the title, “Journey on the Magic Bus “, “Our Thoughts Create so Let’s Make Life Great “.

So join with us this Christmas and begin your own journey on the Magic Bus by ordering the book online for your special child and help children everywhere to understand the simplicity of creating a life of continued bliss while creating with a Happy Heart.