May all the children Shine

Some nice native flowers as we walked through the National Park, there were many more, la la lah.

With Christmas not too far away,  I really need a hand, to send our love to all the children as quickly as we can.  The words and paintings in my book really are unique,  every child wants to feel the love, it’s what we all do seek.  So make a list of all the little ones you hold special in your heart, together we can spread the love, this is how we start.  You can buy the books from this website page as many as you like,  and all the children who receive one will fill up with delight.  There are many more children’s books I would enjoy to write, but this first one all about love and living in the light.  All the children who have read Happy Hearts feel warm and joy inside, so jump on the Magic Bus so all the kids can enjoy the ride.  Love to you all and Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for all your support.  Susan Burrows


Love is Everywhere

What a glorious, beautiful scrumptious day

Get out and about and soak up those lovely rays,

Fill up with joy from all the beauty you see

Dance, skip, hop and just allow yourself to be,

Send love out to all your family and friends right now

And feel the joy inside rise like a bright shining star,

Light up the world with your glowing smile today

You will be surprised at how many smiles will come your way,

Positive caring thoughts are all we need

And have a great day once you have planted those seeds,

We all want to be happy, we all want to shine

So let’s send out some World Peace, so all will be fine.

Enjoy every day it’s up to you , Love Susan

Energised with Love

The Magic Bus ventured out on a very special weekend, to Brahama Kumaris at Leura in the Blue Mountains.  With beautiful gardens, wonderful walks, birdlife and an everflowing waterfall.  Meditation, Yoga and loads of Loving Kindness filling us up with love, peace and joy which we are sending out to everyone.

It is so healing to be out with nature and all the wonders of our world.  Take the time to get out and breathe in all that beauty as you feel the warmth growing inside.  And always work on living in the moment, that’s the secret of enjoying every day as the past is gone and the future unknown.  We all have our story so we must love and send love to all beings, have a beautiful day and send out love and peace to all your loved ones and friends.

Love sweet Love.

What the world needs now is love sweet love. Meaningful words spoken at a time when love, in all of it’s abundance, observes man in his illusory, egoic, state of manipulation, greed and material gain. Inner peace comes from remembering that only love is real.

The book “Journey on the Magic Bus” has been born to teach the children, as emerging adults, that loving thoughts create a joyful life of perpetual happiness. Teach the children and reap the benefits of this positivity as we remember who we really are. All consciousness, as we always have been and as we always will be, capable of creating a harmonious world for all to share.

Our Thoughts Create

A much loved author of childrens books once said, “Our thoughts create, so let’s make life great”. Simple words delivering a profound prophecy repeatedly spoken by all of those enlightened souls who ever walked the earth.

Quantum Physics agrees and urges us all to observe the good that is inherent in all of natures beauty and continue to create an evermore beautiful world for all to share and enjoy. As one past great leader of mankind said, “Work together for the benefit of all mankind”. Our thoughts create so let’s make life great.

Keep the Faith

The Magic Bus is reaching out to families and their children, for this is where the true beauty of life begins. Young minds arrive into this world of ours and immediately receive love and the knowledge that comfort and peace of mind are abundantly theirs.

Throughout life FAITH is the key to remembering that as we develop, this abundance is constantly with us, urging us all to share  the joy and the happiness of inner peace to all souls. Be Happy. Keep the Faith.

Vivid Realisation

Vivid expressions on the journey  allow us to glimpse change as the one constant of all living things. Whatever circumstance you may be in at any time, use this to find the door and be brought to the edge of your inner most being.

Be aware of the attention being fixed on material objects of time bound impermanence and allow true self to emerge.” Journey on the Magic Bus” will continue to develop for all children and their parents the realisation that joy and love and faith will light the path to  discovery.


Beautiful Brightwaters

“The Magic Bus has been touched by the beauty and serenity of the very magical “Brightwaters”, on the western shore of Lake Macquarie. The total oneness of all beings is proudly on display here, a natural billboard for all to observe. The Lake is alive with all kinds of fish and birds combining to live in this most perfect atmosphere of love and joy.

“Journey on the Magic Bus / Happy Hearts”, the childrens book of Peace and Happiness, is being enjoyed by many of ” The Lakes” children and their families. Together we continue to share the knowledge that only love is real.

The Handsome Prince

My handsome prince, my very first son, I’m so honoured you chose me to be your mum. You started life in the bush on a farm, you loved fires, the outdoors, the moon and the stars. You we’re blessed if Christopher Rhodes touched you in this life, full of fun, love and compassion with a splash of spice. You were the life of the party and always shone so bright, a heart so big always beaming out a happy beautiful light. You were naturally creative, unique, such a talented young man, you loved music, the lights and the never ending dance. All the kids loved it when uncle Chris was around, he took the time to play with them always the clown. I’ve never known anyone to have so many true friends, your eternal Chris,SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Continue reading