Knowledge is Power

To live with love in our hearts is to live with Joy and Peace and Compassion, not just for our near and dear but for all souls. The realisation that we are all part of the one brings us in tune with mother earth and the beautiful balance between the planet and all who reside here.

When fear arises faith departs and greed and anger prosper.

Knowledge is power so help us to share the knowledge of true love with all the children so that our world can grow to become the Eden that is surely ours. An abundance of all things, for all beings, living in harmony.

The time is now!

Vivid Realisation

Vivid expressions on the journey  allow us to glimpse change as the one constant of all living things. Whatever circumstance you may be in at any time, use this to find the door and be brought to the edge of your inner most being.

Be aware of the attention being fixed on material objects of time bound impermanence and allow true self to emerge.” Journey on the Magic Bus” will continue to develop for all children and their parents the realisation that joy and love and faith will light the path to  discovery.