Beautiful People

Hopefully this poem will brighten up your day.

To all you beautiful people out there, breathe in the love it’s everywhere.  Feel the beauty in all that you see, then fill up with love it’s the best way to be.  Dance in the rain, under the stars and the moon, feel the warmth within,  the joy comes so soon.  Gather all the children,  round up your family and friends, together we can share the truth,

 only love is real in the end.  Send out that love to all who you know, our love will spin out to everyone, watch the love just flow.  This book will touch your heart and soul, it’s all about spreading love, which is our grandest goal.  We’re all gorgeous,  just allow yourself to be, shine bright and let love set you free.  So jump on the Magic Bus today, as Susan sends love to you all in so many ways.  Always Beautiful Susan