Together We Can

Love is like a butterfly, when it opens up it’s wings

We are that butterfly when we breathe that beauty in

All the children need to feel their joy within

Susan’s  book shows all the children, how to begin

With it’s colourful hand painted pictures taken from the Magic Bus

Every child needs these messages, it’s a Must Must Must,

You can purchase Susan’s book from the website above

The perfect Christmas present, for all the children you Love Love Love

Together we can spread love all over the world

And put a big smile on every boy and girl

The most precious gift you could possibly give

To feel  inner love, and how to joyously live

We all want to be Happy, NOW is the time

For all the children to Shine Shine Shine

Thank you sooooo much for all your support, Merry Christmas, Be Happy.


Love the Great Barrier Reef

The Magic Bus is back on the road, spinning out love to all wherever it goes.  The joy we feel as the Magic Bus drives through where you live, the love the smiles and the peace signs you always give, fills us with love and it’s overflowing, and it spreads naturally to us all without us even knowing.  We all want to be happy, we all want world peace, .  today I ask you also to send your love to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been choking for some time and the marine life is on the decrease, so please take the time today to send loads of love to our reef.  Our future children should be able to swim, snorkel and dive, and take in the beauty as they watch the Great Barrier Reef come alive.  The scientists know exactly what’s going on, through our love together we shall right their wrongs. Keep the faith, and have a happy shiny day . Thankyou much love Susan.


Must be a gem in the crown of the Northern Beaches. It’s always a pleasure to bring the bus to this beautiful area. Surf, sun and warm friendly people, all keen to say hello and take a photo or two.

The Magic Bus has welcomed the opportunity to spread joy and love to girls and boys of all ages in the area  and to realise that in Curl Curl “Happiness is Winning”.