Love Peace and Goodwill

Here we are once again at this special time of year when we send love peace and goodwill to all. It’s also the time when we reflect on the past 12 months achievements at a personal, national and international level

The magic bus reminds us that we become what we think about. That manifestation begins with thought. Reflecting on what we have created as a global collective this year, it could well be time that we re-align our thinking caps for 2016.

The world appears to be ready for a huge dose of love, peace and goodwill. The Magic Bus is sending loving kindness globally. May your thoughts be filled with compassion for all and the creation of an ongoing world peace.



Keep The Faith

The observation that our thoughts create presents itself clearly at this time of year when Peace and Love and Goodwill are shared amongst all in the western world. The manifestations of complete happiness reign supreme until their culmination on Christmas day.

Together, with awareness and the development of a calm mind, we will expand this consciousness and develop true compassion for all souls, for all time, all over the world. This new abundance of joy will  unite all men, , of all creeds in total harmony.

So Keep the Faith, share the Love and enjoy a very safe and happy Christmas.

Together We Can

Love is like a butterfly, when it opens up it’s wings

We are that butterfly when we breathe that beauty in

All the children need to feel their joy within

Susan’s  book shows all the children, how to begin

With it’s colourful hand painted pictures taken from the Magic Bus

Every child needs these messages, it’s a Must Must Must,

You can purchase Susan’s book from the website above

The perfect Christmas present, for all the children you Love Love Love

Together we can spread love all over the world

And put a big smile on every boy and girl

The most precious gift you could possibly give

To feel  inner love, and how to joyously live

We all want to be Happy, NOW is the time

For all the children to Shine Shine Shine

Thank you sooooo much for all your support, Merry Christmas, Be Happy.