Our Thoughts Create

A much loved author of childrens books once said, “Our thoughts create, so let’s make life great”. Simple words delivering a profound prophecy repeatedly spoken by all of those enlightened souls who ever walked the earth.

Quantum Physics agrees and urges us all to observe the good that is inherent in all of natures beauty and continue to create an evermore beautiful world for all to share and enjoy. As one past great leader of mankind said, “Work together for the benefit of all mankind”. Our thoughts create so let’s make life great.

City of Sydney

Celebration begins as Sydney opens it’s heart and soul to the messages of love and the wonder of life as it really is. The Magic Bus continues on its journey to captivate and inspire all who are drawn to the beauty of lifes infinite joy.

With many new readers now enjoying  Susans book, “Journey on the Magic Bus / Happy Hearts”, the words of love and compassion for all are being appreciated and shared throughout the land. The Magic Bus journey is rapidly gaining momentum sharing the realisation of loves attraction to  happiness for all beings.