Side by Side

If the Magic bus could travel, all around the world

and take there with it passengers, mums and dads and boys and girls,

the adventure would be full of fun and altogether bliss,

to free all minds of fear and doubt, see the world just ” as it is “.

A world of brotherhood and friendship where different types abide,

in peace and love and happiness, all joyful side by side.



Love the Great Barrier Reef

The Magic Bus is back on the road, spinning out love to all wherever it goes.  The joy we feel as the Magic Bus drives through where you live, the love the smiles and the peace signs you always give, fills us with love and it’s overflowing, and it spreads naturally to us all without us even knowing.  We all want to be happy, we all want world peace, .  today I ask you also to send your love to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been choking for some time and the marine life is on the decrease, so please take the time today to send loads of love to our reef.  Our future children should be able to swim, snorkel and dive, and take in the beauty as they watch the Great Barrier Reef come alive.  The scientists know exactly what’s going on, through our love together we shall right their wrongs. Keep the faith, and have a happy shiny day . Thankyou much love Susan.

Honeymoon Bay

The purpose of The Magic Bus, to spread love and joy to all the children, was fully realised this weekend at Honeymoon Bay. Located on Beecroft Peninsular at the northern headland of Jervis Bay, this idyllic location shared it’s natural beauty and abundance of wildlife with the weekend campers and  The Magic Bus.

Susan shared the story of “Journey on the magic Bus / Happy Hearts” with all the eager children and parents who listened with much enthusiasm and interest. The wildlife joined the throng with one happy Kangaroo telling her joey  the message of happiness and freedom that The Magic Bus has brought to all.