Energised with Love

The Magic Bus ventured out on a very special weekend, to Brahama Kumaris at Leura in the Blue Mountains.  With beautiful gardens, wonderful walks, birdlife and an everflowing waterfall.  Meditation, Yoga and loads of Loving Kindness filling us up with love, peace and joy which we are sending out to everyone.

It is so healing to be out with nature and all the wonders of our world.  Take the time to get out and breathe in all that beauty as you feel the warmth growing inside.  And always work on living in the moment, that’s the secret of enjoying every day as the past is gone and the future unknown.  We all have our story so we must love and send love to all beings, have a beautiful day and send out love and peace to all your loved ones and friends.



Happiness and Joy flowed freely with the news that “Journey on the Magic Bus / Happy Hearts” had made a safe landing in the United States of America. There were songs to be sung and music to be played as all the children celebrated the arrival of their new book.

Many gathered and the messages of  Peace, Love and Harmony for all were soon spreading amongst these beautiful people from the land of the free. Children of all ages knowing that the beauty from within creates a beautiful life for all to share and enjoy.