I Wonder

I Wonder

Who said that it was ok

to poison the water we drink each day,

I Wonder

Which of us did choose

to spray chemicals all over our foods,

I Wonder

Whom of all the boys and girls

would want to destroy the wonders of this world,

I Wonder

Why we are led to go against the flow

when it’s obvious renewable is the way to go,

I Wonder

Why science feeds us lies all the time

when natural medicine can keep us just fine,

I Wonder

When the animals who can’t speak

through greed are becoming extinct each week,

I Wonder

Who of the people proposed today

control of what we can and can’t say,

I Wonder

What mother earth would say to us

in  light of how she’s been treated, unjust

Wonder I do.

I know that all the colourful, loving,  creative souls

are raising a generation who will treat mother earth as gold,

and the planet will return to it’s natural state

that’s what the new generation will create

‘We can Do it’

Love the Great Barrier Reef

The Magic Bus is back on the road, spinning out love to all wherever it goes.  The joy we feel as the Magic Bus drives through where you live, the love the smiles and the peace signs you always give, fills us with love and it’s overflowing, and it spreads naturally to us all without us even knowing.  We all want to be happy, we all want world peace, .  today I ask you also to send your love to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been choking for some time and the marine life is on the decrease, so please take the time today to send loads of love to our reef.  Our future children should be able to swim, snorkel and dive, and take in the beauty as they watch the Great Barrier Reef come alive.  The scientists know exactly what’s going on, through our love together we shall right their wrongs. Keep the faith, and have a happy shiny day . Thankyou much love Susan.