May all the children Shine

Some nice native flowers as we walked through the National Park, there were many more, la la lah.

With Christmas not too far away,  I really need a hand, to send our love to all the children as quickly as we can.  The words and paintings in my book really are unique,  every child wants to feel the love, it’s what we all do seek.  So make a list of all the little ones you hold special in your heart, together we can spread the love, this is how we start.  You can buy the books from this website page as many as you like,  and all the children who receive one will fill up with delight.  There are many more children’s books I would enjoy to write, but this first one all about love and living in the light.  All the children who have read Happy Hearts feel warm and joy inside, so jump on the Magic Bus so all the kids can enjoy the ride.  Love to you all and Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for all your support.  Susan Burrows

Keep the Faith

The Magic Bus is reaching out to families and their children, for this is where the true beauty of life begins. Young minds arrive into this world of ours and immediately receive love and the knowledge that comfort and peace of mind are abundantly theirs.

Throughout life FAITH is the key to remembering that as we develop, this abundance is constantly with us, urging us all to share  the joy and the happiness of inner peace to all souls. Be Happy. Keep the Faith.